Upcoming Trump Video Speeches

Upcoming Donald Trump Video Speeches

Live Stream: Donald Trump Speaks at Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit (1-19-16)

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Roger Ross

It will be a waste of time and energy for Trump to campaign in west coast states. They are all solid blue herders. Disingenuous Democratic ideology prevails. Whatever additional bad news surfaces regarding Hillary’s illegal behavior it won’t make any difference. You can’t fix cognitive dissonance. It can only be self-cured. He should concentrate his efforts in the swing states. That’s where he is going to win. And it’s apparent the swing is happening now in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. Trump’s appeal is now growing by leaps and bounds. He’s bringing a completely fresh and different approach to representing the American people. Something they have wanted for years. And there is nothing more powerful than an idea who’s time has come! .


When will Donald J Trump Be in Washington State? We need his majic touch in this Democrat dominant State…


When will Donald Trump being in Washington State? I wish he could visit the town of Toledo, WA. 98591. This is a depressed area in need of his magic touch. The kids here are great but there is a drug problem. Parents need jobs and hope in their Government again. Please visit if you can. Thank You. Ed